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About us

Our team has a blend of ecology, sustainability and systems thinking skills.
The Farming with Native Biodiversity team has worked with outstanding designers, communicators and farm biodiversity planning experts to develop and curate resources for Farmers and Farm Advisors looking to work with native biodiversity.

Our goal has been to develop training materials and share information that will support farm advisors and farmers with the skills and confidence at whatever stage they are at in working alongside on-farm native biodiversity.

Success for us meant that people looking for ecological advice could find the resources they needed for their situation. We wanted to both develop resources and help people find existing information. The resources of this website were created by the pilot project team listed below and are now managed by NZ Landcare Trust.
Ā mātou kaimahi
Our team
The Farming with Native Biodiversity pilot staff were contracted from October 2021 until June 2023

Esther Richardson studied Zoology and Ecology at Massey University, followed by a Masters degree in Veterinary Epidemiology. She started her career in research, and since then has held a variety of government and private sector roles working with primary industries, project design and land use.

Esther Richardson
Project Manager

Mount Maunganui

Angela is our environmental sustainability specialist helping us to connect the dots between people, planet and prosperity. Having recently completed a Masters of Sustainable Development Goals, Angela brings big picture thinking to practical farm solutions.

Angela Parkin
Project Co-ordinator, Environmental Sustainability Specialist

Tāmaki Makaurau

David Norton has taught and researched the ecology and conservation of New Zealand’s native biodiversity for over 35 years. In the last couple of decades, David’s research has focused on enhancing native biodiversity within farming systems through remnant management, restoration and management planning, including publication of a 2013 book ‘Nature and Farming’ with an Australian colleague. David works closely with sector groups such as Beef+Lamb NZ and NZ Merino and has written the biodiversity section for the refreshed Beef+Lamb NZ Farm Plan.

David Norton
Emeritus Professor, Science Lead


Becky is an ecologist with a particular love of lizards. She has a Bachelor's degree and a Masters of Conservation and Ecology from Lincoln University. Becky has worked as an animal behaviour technician for Zero Invasive Predators and is a regular in the outdoors.

Becky Clements


Tyler is our self proclaimed ‘bird nerd’ having studied mallard ducks for his Masters degree from Massey University. Tyler enjoys finding ways to not only improve landscape connectivity for our mobile native species such as birds but also how to build in wins for farming too.

Tyler Jarman


Our Contractors working
alongside us
  • Adam Forbes, Forbes Ecology
  • Doug Macredie
  • Molly Magid
  • StudioC Design
Ko o maatau hoa putea
Funding Partners
The Farming with Native Biodiversity pilot is administered by
NZ Landcare Trust.
New Zealand Landcare Trust
Co-funded by Ministry for Primary Industries
Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund.
Living Water Partnership and Silver Fern Farms
Partner Organisations:
University of Canterbury
New Zealand’s Biological
Heritage National
Science Challenge

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)